Alleged iPhone 5S Assembly Line Photos Are Fake



Late last night, a few photos were surfacing of alleged iPhone 5S’ at the assembly line. 9to5mac first brought the photos to everyone’s attention, however, there were a few things wrong with the device, as you can see from a singular photo above (via As you can see, the internals look way off from the actual iPhone 5, or even any design from an iPhone in general. You can also see an SD card slot, and an improved vibrating motor, however, it’s been deemed that this device from the photos (above/below) is a clone, or a Chinese replica. MacRumors debunked the rumors:

The photos show a device with an outward appearance very similar to the iPhone 5, but the internals show essentially no resemblance to an Apple-designed device. Examples of just a few of the inconsistencies include: 

- A battery capacity of just 1130 mAh compared to 1440 mAh for the iPhone 5 
- An apparent SD card slot 
- Loose red and black wires connecting components 
- A green PCB for the connector bearing no resemblance to Apple’s Lightning connector

It’s safe to say that the iPhone 5S will look identical to the iPhone 5, however, these photos are not the real deal. It’s unfortunate, actually, but I guess it’s easy to fool the media considering there won’t be any cosmetic changes, which is referenced from all iPhone xS updates.  Be sure to check out all the photos after the jump!

iphone-5s-leaked-photo-hero iphone-5s-leaked-photos-2 iphone-5s-leaked-photos-10 iphone-5s-leaked-photos-11 iphone-5s-leaked-photos iphone-5s-leaked-photos-4 iphone-5s-leaked-photos-6 iphone5s-foxconn-assembly-line

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