Analyst Suggests iPhone 5S Will Have A “Killer Feature”



Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty appeared on CNBC’s Fast Money Report this morning, and was speaking about Apple’s feature, in terms of stock, and rumored future releases. Despite analyst’s having not-so-good track records when it comes to predictions, Huberty claims Apple is headed for a big year in terms of iOS upgrades, as well as releasing the iPhone 5S which is slated to have a “killer feature”.

Financial blog Barron’s has Huberty’s scoop:

I do believe that AAPL is approaching a bottom. As you have heard, they are talking about returning more cash, and we think they will do that in coming weeks. But people don’t own AAPL for that, they own AAPL for innovation. You saw the Samsung [Electronics(005930KS)] Galaxy S4 come out last week, that shows you the innovation cards are up for grabs. What is lacking in that product [the S4] is a killer feature. We think that’s where Apple will surprise this year. This [iPhone] 5S cycle this year will be about a killer feature that drives consumers increasingly to the platform, and that increases the value of those 500 million accounts.

To reiterate, Huberty believes the iPhone 5S will have a killer feature, that will make consumers want this over the competition, AKA Galaxy S IV. This killer feature could easily be an overhaul to iOS, as Scott Forstall has left the company and was in charge of iOS development.

However, little is known of the iPhone 5S, and the leaks have been scarce. The only confirmed information, is that it will contain slightly upgraded internals, as well as, look identical to its predecessor, the iPhone 5.

FYI- Apple’s current stock is at $455.72, and was up 2.72% today.

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