Apple Cutting iPhone 5 Panel Orders For The Second Time



In the past week, a report was surfacing which claimed Apple had contact Sharp and told them to cut orders for iPhone 5 parts. They’ve also been seen doing the same for the iPad. However, Apple is indeed doing this, for the second time, contacting Sharp and telling them to halt half of the production of iPhone 5 LCD panels. Here’s the scoop from Sankei Biz, via TechCrunch:

“He reported demand last week, Apple launched in September last year of the “iPhone 5″ as being lower than expected, some U.S. media, Apple has reduced the amount of orders for parts than originally planned.

Sharp LCD screen, such as supply, the amount of that order was only about half of the plan in particular.

Apple declined to comment on this.”

Wall Street Journal, and Reuters were among the few who reported on the first halt on the production floor. The folks at iDB have noted that, “Analysts are still expecting Apple to announce that it sold in upwards of 50 million iPhones, and 20 million iPads during the holiday period, which would both be records for the company. The true test will come next quarter.” Of course, the speculation of Apple being economical is just rumor, I’m sure they’re just turning their focus on the plethora of devices they plan to release this summer.

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