Apple HDTV Television Set Still Coming in 2013 According to Analyst Gene Munster


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Earlier in the month, we reported that analysts were beginning to speculate that Apple would not be bringing an Apple HDTV set to the 2013 line-up. Piper Jaffray’s analyst Gene Munster sat down with Bloomberg in an interview this week, stating that he believe Apple will still launch the mystical television set this year.

While we think that Apple is still in the testing stages of such a product, Munster thinks that Apple will be launching this product by the end of 2013, along with an intelligent remote to ship with it. Munster believes that the remote is going to be a huge benefit with the Apple HDTV set. It is possible that the remote could work like an iPod Touch and connect to the Apple television set using WiFi or Bluetooth.

9to5Mac managed to relay a bit of Gene Munster’s interview:

The core of the debate is an improved set-top box… a hockey puck that attaches to your TV, or an actual television. Based on our work, in part, with talking to suppliers in asia, to talking with people in the industry, we think its an actual television.

Specifically, the basic thing it fixes is the remote control problem… We think fixing that is going to be an important part of it. And the second piece down the road is content, content on demand. That’s essentially what apple television is.

In the interview, Munster goes on to talk about how the Apple HDTV would have a huge Retina display, which would support iOS apps, further expanding the market to one’s living room.

Even though it is already possible to AirPlay using an Apple TV and an iOS device, imaging being able to just turn on your TV and you’re ready to go. No need to wait for your Apple TV box to turn on since it’s basically built in to the Apple HDTV infrastructure.

We would love to see an Apple HDTV with Retina display come into the 2013 market, although it still seems like a long-shot for this year. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that television sets were an “intense interest” for the company, but didn’t go too deep into the topic.

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