Apple Rumored to Release Two 4-Inch iPhone Models in 2013, Larger Display in 2014


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As if we haven’t heard enough rumors about the iPhone 5S and the rumored 2013 cheaper iPhone coming from Apple. This time around, Digitimes has updated its claims regarding the iPhone models, which will be released later this year.

Previously according to rumors, Apple would be releasing an iPhone 5S alongside a cheaper iPhone but with a larger screen. According to industry sources, Apple is in-fact working on a larger screen iPhone, but it will not be released this year.

Previously it was said that Apple would release a lower-cost version of its iPhone with a bigger screen in 2013. But the sources claimed that Apple is indeed developing an iPhone with a bigger screen, but that will not be among the models to be lancuhed this year.

The report continues to talk about Apple releasing two separate devices, with one of the iPhone models to target the mid-range market. Both new rumored iPhone models will be using In-Cell technology, like the current iPhone 5, instead of IGZO displays, which were also rumored in the past.

While one of these models could be the cheaper iPhone, Apple has been rumored to release multiple times in the past few months, we’re a little more excited for this larger screen iPhone rumored to release in 2014.

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