iPad Thickness Error From Apple

Many people make mistakes, but large corporations need to be held accountable for incorrectly listing device specifications on their website. Apple lists the new retina iPad with 3 million pixels as 0.37 millimeters thin. For reference, a penny is 1.55 mm or 4 times the thickness of the new iPad according to their website. [Read more...]

Cydia Founder Saurik on iPod Sorting Algorithm Error

Have you ever been unable to find a song or track on your Music application while searching? Here’s why

Scrolling through my iPod collection, sometimes I get frustrated when I cannot find a song that I want to listen to on my iPod. Then I jump over to the iTunes app to redownload it, only to find out that I already have it. Has this ever happened to you?

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Spotify Updated For iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G Retina Display

The popular music streaming app, Spotify has been updated to support the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G Retina Display.

Since upgrading to the iPhone 5, I have been struggling with the 88 pixel blackbars at the top and bottom of my display, when using Spotify. This is due to many iOS apps not being updated to support the iPhone 5, at least not yet. Earlier today, the App Store finally offered an update to one of my favorite apps, Spotify that includes iPhone 5 support. Here is a comparison before and after for Spotify on my iPhone 5 after the jump…

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Daily Tip: Change “Sent from my iPhone” iOS Email Signature

As many of you know, the default signature setting for any iPhone in iOS is “Sent from my iPhone”. In iOS the default signature for the iPad is much the same at “Sent from my iPad”. Since most people don’t know how (or realize they can) change the default, it remains unchanged. If you are looking to customize your signature, it is pretty simple: [Read more...]

iPad Mini VS. iPad 2 Display Under A Microscope

Ever wanted to see an iPad Mini display under a microscope? Here’s an iPad Mini compared to an iPad 2.

The guys at RepairLabs have spend the past couple days looking at the iPad Mini and 4th-gen iPad under a microscope and have found some interesting comparisons.  Below, they also compared the iPad Mini (163 ppi) to the minaturized iPad 2 (132 ppi) display.  These are at the same magnifaction. [Read more...]