New Casio Bluetooth Enabled G-Shock Watch Displays iPhone Notifications


Casio has just released the GB6900AA Bluetooth-enabled G-Shock watch, which can display notifications you receive on your iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S on your wrist.

The Casio GB6900AA has display several different types of notifications including SMS messages, Email, and incoming calls. The watch will also let you know when you are going out of range of your precious iPhone, making it easier to keep track of it.

Still can’t find your iPhone? The Bluetooth-enables G-Shock has a find-feature that will cause your iPhone to make noise until you find it. You can’t really say you’ve never lost an iPhone in a couch or a bed.

The G-Shock also has a built in vibrate function, so that you’ll know when you need to check your iPhone and respond to a phone call or a message.

This new G-Shock also uses Bluetooth Low Energy, so as not to put any extra drain on your iPhone battery while synced. Casio also promises up to 2 years of usage without needing to replace the battery, which is almost hard to believe.

With the Pebble SmartWatch releasing early next year, it’s very difficult not to purchase one of these. All of these features can be brought to your wrist in several different colors for $180 from select retailers. Being a new product, we can’t find it online yet, but we’ll be sure to update this post as soon as it is. Check with local G-Shock retailers to see if they have them in at a store near you.

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