Photos of Alleged iPad 5 Rear Casing Shows Off iPad Mini-Like Design


It seems like our new best friends will be the folks at Tactus, because this week they’re bringing us photos of the alleged rear casing of the upcoming 5th-generation iPad. We’ve previously heard that the iPad 5 would take design elements from the current iPad mini, which consumers have been taking a liking to its aluminum casing.

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Alleged iPad 5 Front Panel Photos Surface

Just a day after hearing some reports about iPad 5 production, french blog is bringing us photos of an alleged front panel of the 5th generation iPad that seems to be in development. Just so you all know, NWE has been known for bringing many legitimate leaks prior to launches so the chance that these are legitimate are very high, and are reminiscent of the iPad mini.

As you can see from the photo above, the side bezels are definitely thinned out which gives it a bit more of that iPad mini-esque feel. These photos have definitely leaked out of Foxconn, or some manufacturing plant, so it’s hard to estimate when the iPad 5 will be released.

You may remember, yesterday a new report was released claiming that Apple would begin iPad 5 production in July or August. However, it’s evident that this device has already begun some sort of manufacturing and/or development. Check out for a video after the break!

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iPad 5 Production Rumored To Begin In July Or August 2013


Finally, some good news! According to a new report from DigiTimes this morning, Apple is rumored to begin production for its 5th-generation iPad around July or August of 2013, this year. That would then line up with a Fall release date where we could also see the release of the iPad mini 2nd generation, equipped with a Retina display; an event that took place similarly last year. Here’s the scoop:

Volume production of the fifth-generation 9.7-inch iPad will kick off in July-August 2013, according to sources with Taiwan-based supply chain makers. Yield rates for key components, especially touch panels, will be a major concern for smooth production.

DigiTimes is also reporting that the updated model will be thinner and lighter, of course, and will contain side bezels reminiscent that of what we currently see on the iPad mini, which is what Apple has been rumored to be basing this new design off of.

Along with that information, DT also passed along that LG Display and Sharp will likely be supplying the displays used for the device, as we’ve heard numerous times before.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited for the iPad 5?

iPhone 5S Release Date in August, iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 to Release in April

ipad 5 ipad mini 2 iphone 5S

In a new report from iMore, the blog claims that reliable sources have told them the iPhone 5S will likely be getting an August release date. iMore’s sources have told the blog that the iPhone 5S will have the same design as that iPhone 5, no surprise there. Moving on the sources have said that the iPhone 5S will “raise the bar in terms of iPhone optics”, as well as the processor, just like Apple did will all of the previous iPhone S lines.

As for the iPad Mini second-generation and the iPad fifth-generation, these two devices could be heading for an April release date, that’s next month! Although the blog claims that the iPad Mini second-generation will not be receiving a Retina display with this update. The reason for the lack of a Retina display in the iPad Mini is simply battery life. Ritchie believes that Apple would not put out a more expensive iPad than the last, nor would the company put out an iPad with lesser battery life, and that the iPad Mini second-generation would simply be a spec upgrade. [Read more...]

iPad 5th Generation Cases Surface on Alibaba Marketplace

ipad 5 case 2013

Just a few days after case manufacturer, MiniSuit, released photos of iPad 5 cases, based on rumored specs and dimensions, it seems online marketplace Alibaba is joining in on the fun. Recently there have been a few iPad 5 cases floating around Alibaba, which all look on par with rumors.

The new iPad 5 cases are plastic or silicone and look as if they support the enlarged iPad Mini design. Recently, there has been a photo of an alleged iPad 5 WiFi + Cellular rear shell, resembling the exact look of an iPad Mini. [Read more...]

Photos of an iPad 5th Generation Case Based on Rumored Specs Surface

ipad 5 case minisuit

Back in October, Apple surprised us by releasing the iPad 4th generation, which wasn’t too much of an upgrade from the 3rd generation iPad. Sure it had a faster processor, Lightning dock connector, and a few other minimal features, but that’s about it. We feel Apple released the iPad 4G before the holidays so that consumers would start stocking up on Lightning cables, instead of going back in time.

The rumor mill is currently speculating that Apple will be releasing an iPad 5th generation in March/April, or possible in the Fall. While we don’t exactly know the date, there have been plenty of rumors and leaks on the design. [Read more...]

iPad 5 To Incorporate iPad Mini Display Technology For Smaller Design


According to new reports, it seems that Apple is gearing up to begin manufacturing on the 5th generation iPad. The new iPad 5 is allegedly going to have the same “GF2″ display technology that the iPad mini takes advantage of, allowing for that extra thin design that we’ve known to love. While we have indeed heard this report before, this seems to be the real deal. points to a few reports (1, 2) from various Taiwanese news outlets, suggesting that the iPad 5 display panels will be supplied by Nitto Denko, TPK and Japan Display. What’s unusual is that, Apple’s usual supplier Wintek is not mentioned in any reports, and it seems that Foxconn has taken on the full assembly roles.

We’ve heard in the past that the iPad 5 would take advantage of the iPad mini design, and we’ve even seen purported photos of the iPad 5 back casing. So, what are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below.

iPad 5 Concept Design Looks Spot On


We’ve been hearing an abundance of rumors regarding Apple’s next generation iPad 5 circulating ever since December. The iPad 4th generation was only released in November, but rumors have already begun to spread around the blogosphere of a complete redesign of the iPad 5.

Based on recent rumors CiccareseDesign, who previously brought us beautiful mockups of an Apple iWatch and also an iPhone 6, has now created some accurate concept art of the iPad 5th generation.

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