MessageBox: Chat Heads on iOS

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Remember that cool tweak that we reported on a while ago? The concept behind the tweak was to enable Chat Heads on iOS system-wide, therefore “de-sandbox”ing it. It was whipped up in 24 hours by developer Adam Bell, and today it’s been released. The new tweak, dubbed “MessageBox”, allows you to view, send and read Facebook messages via Chat Heads throughout your entire iOS device (besides the lockscreen), just as it would be on Android, or a Facebook Home-compatible device.

Adam has been prominent in the jailbreak scene, developing useful tweaks such as Stride, and many others. However, this is a tweak that many have been looking forward to, and it seems to be the best, and only, rendition of Chat Heads on a device that’s not Facebook Home-friendly. I’ve been using the beta for a little while now since I got in contact with Adam, and today, he’s released the beta build to everyone, with hopes that an official release will soon follow.

Here’s how to get it:

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Best iPhone Theme Ever: 2nd Installment


This week, Phil has released a new video regarding the “Best iPhone Theme Ever”. The theme we’re showing you this week is 100% customized, and Phil has taken the time to piece together different tweaks to create an insanely unique theme that adds insanely cool elements from every tweak that is incorporated. Ready to see this weeks theme? Check after the jump!

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ForceStatusBar – Display Status Bar In Fullscreen Applications

One of the tweaks to come from notorious jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich is called “ForceStatusBar”, and allows you to view your status bar in full screen applications that wouldn’t normally show your status bar unless you invoke the Notification Center.

Some of those who are curious to view the time, view various current network configurations, and battery percentage will really enjoy this tweak, as it allows you to view that information at a glance while still catching up on your iOS entertainment. It’s also partially transparent, so it won’t obstruct your view of said application.

This tweak is actually very handy, and can be found for FREE in the BigBoss repo. Be sure to view the video above for more information.

Saurik Releases “Cyueue” Tweak

While Saurik is not entirely prominent in the jailbreak tweak community, he has finally made a minute comeback by releasing the new “Cyueue” tweak, which is basically an “Up Next” for iTunes on iOS.

The main point for the tweak is to queue the song you would like to play now, play next, or play last by tapping and holding the song you’d like. After selecting a few tracks, the tweak will automatically create a playlist called “Cyueue” (surprising, eh?) and will display all of your selected songs.

Cyueue is available for $2.49 via Cydia, and you can read Saurik’s lengthy description after the break!

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iOS Application Allows You To Hide Stock Apps – No Jailbreak Required


Yet another application has swung by Apple’s App Store approval team, and has found a way to perform system-level functions without a jailbreak. A new application called “HiddenApps” allows you to hide stock iOS applications, as well as disabling iAds as well. The application also allows you to view certain hidden iOS apps such as iOS Diagnostics, iAdOptOut, and FieldTest. However, the reason most people will probably download this, is its ability to hide apps like Newsstand, or Passbook.

At first glance, you’ll be greeted with the above screen, and it’ll prompt you to Hide Apps, or Disable all iAds. Within “Hide Apps”, you’ll be able to hide any stock application, as well as revert to original settings. Upon attempting to hide an app, “HiddenApps” will prompt you to install a profile called “Poof”. It WILL say it has failed, yet it’ll appear on the icon you’re attempting to delete. Just wiggle the icon, delete it, and POOF! the app has disappeared.

The same process will happen with attempting to “Disable All iAds” but will work. The only downside to this application is that upon restarting, or rebooting, your device, all hidden apps and disabled iAds will reappear, and you’ll have to re-do the process.

However, for an application that can do all of this without a jailbreak, I’m quite impressed. You can download HiddenApps for FREE in the iTunes App Store, and you should definitely act fast, these sort of apps don’t last long. source

Planetbeing Releases Signal 2 Application For Cell Tower Info

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 4.20.24 PM

Prominent jailbreak figure planetbeing has just announced his new Cydia application dubbed “Signal 2″ which allows you to receive information about your cellular connection, as well as nearby cell tower information. The application is also aimed to help determine what cellular service provider would work best in their area should they be using an unlocked iPhone. The Signal 2 site explains best:

Signal 2 is a utility created by iPhone Dev Team member planetbeing that displays information about the cell tower your iPhone is connected to as well as neighbouring cells. It detects and maps the location of all nearby cell towers so that the user can easily get a good idea of their cellular coverage or where to go to get the best cellphone reception. On an unlocked phone, a user can swap SIMs and determine which carrier is best for him or her based on cellular coverage. In addition the map, other useful technical data is displayed including RSCP (signal strength) in dBm and Ec/N0 (signal quality) to all neighbours, the PSC of the cells, as well as the frequency each cell is broadcasting in.

For those of your curious to test this out, you can be sure to purchase Signal 2 for $3.99 in the Cydia Store for jailbroken iOS devices that contain a cellular radio (iPhone, iPad 3G/4G). Other devices such as an iPod touch, or Wi-Fi only iPad won’t work with this application.

SafariSwipez: Swipe to Close Safari Tabs

Gestures on iOS has become heavily popular, especially with tweaks like Auxo, Zephyr and more popping up in Cydia. One of the more recent ones, SafariSwipez, takes aspects from both tweaks and combines it into a more interactive experience when using Safari. All you need to do is swipe up, or down, for the page to disappear from the normal Tab Switcher.

Similar gestures are incorporated within Google Chrome already, however, SafariSwipez is able to bring these features to Safari, and still retain a native feel, which is stellar. It’s very simple, very intuitive, and it’s free, so you can’t go wrong.

You can find SafariSwipez for Free under the BigBoss repo, and you can click HERE if you happen to be reading this on a jailbroken iDevice. Check out the video above for more information!

TypeStatus: iMessage Typing Indicator On The Status Bar

TypeStatus is a cool new tweak, and one that may come in handy if you like keeping tabs on your texting, specifically iMessages. TypeStatus places an iMessage “ellipsis”, or typing indicator in your status bar, one that you’d only be able to see if you manually opened up the Messages application, and checked.

It’s a really simple tweak, and it’s something that Apple could have definitely implemented from the get-go. It’s cool to use, and in the hour that I’ve used it since it went live, it’s grown on me, and I enjoy seeing it in my status bar. It brings peace of mind if you’re curious if a friend would be replying to an important message.

The best part of the tweak, it’s free, and once you download it, I’m sure you could tell why. It also works on all iDevices, because they all have the Messages application. It’s probably one of my favorite tweaks now, and it’s something you should definitely try. It’s not obtrusive what so ever, so it’s definitely minimalistic, and flows nice with iOS. You can download “TypeStatus” for free in the BigBoss repo, and you may see this in the next Top/Must-Have iOS Tweaks on our YouTube channel.

Click HERE if you’re reading this on your jailbroken iDevice, as it’ll take you straight to Cydia.

Instahancer Cydia Tweak Adds Some Useful Features to Instagram

Instahancer cydia tweakInstagram users on Jailbroken devices will be happy with this new Cydia Tweak, titled Instahancer. Instahancer Cydia Tweak gives users the ability to do almost everything Instagram doesn’t allow you to do, features that have been sought after, but never delivered.

The Jailbreak Tweak will give Instagramers out there the ability to Save photos to Camera Roll, Attach Photos to Email, Copy Images to Clipboard, and even Copy the Image Link. These features are all very useful to make your sharing experience on Instagram even better. [Read more...]

Ultimate App Switching Cydia Tweaks


Many are new to iOS and the iPhone/iPad and don’t know that before iOS 4, multitasking on the iPhone was not really possible. Backgrounder and Multifl0w were early versions of task switching before Apple made it available along with the iPhone 4 in the middle of 2010. Enough with the history lesson on jailbreaking, lets get to the latest app switching tweaks available in Cydia for your iOS 6 device.

Activator (FREE) – This tweak from Ryan Petrich enhances many other tweaks with access to a host of triggers to ‘activate’ a tweak. Status bar taps, hardware buttons, or device shaking provides access to quickly launched or triggering with these simple gestures… No wonder it has had over 35 million downloads! [Read more...]