Cheaper iPhone Still a Possibility, Apple Removes All Evidence From Schiller Interview


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Earlier reports this week from an interview with Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Shanghai Evening News came with some controversy about a rumored cheaper / low-cost iPhone model. The low-cost iPhone can been rumored for many years and recent publications have stated that a cheaper iPhone would conquer the mobile phone market. According to rumors, the sometimes referred iPhone Mini would cost around $99 to $149 and would be released in late 2013. Major websites like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Reuters have reported on the matter, but today Reuters pulled its article due to “substantial changes”.

It seems there was a misunderstanding with what Schiller actually said in the interview and how it was translated. Apple supposedly contacted Shanghai Evening News to remove all references to a cheaper iPhone, except for “cheaper, low-end product”. The original headline of the article, “Apple will not push a cheaper smartphone for the sake of market share” was then changed to “Apple wants to provide the best products, will not blindly pursue market share.” There was no word whether or not the news source quoted him incorrectly, or if Apple wanted to change his original comments purposefully.

A newly published quote coming from Schiller writes, “We will not discuss plans for any future products”. The original comment stating that Apple making a cheaper iPhone to replace other feature phones was not a direction the company wanted to follow was also removed from the publication.

Apple is not a company that normally partakes in contacting press to take down articles, but for some reason they felt this one was important. Obviously the entire story behind this is a little bit sketchy. Why would Apple go so far to change a few sentences in an interview for a device they do not plan on manufacturing? We want to think that the cheaper iPhone is still very much a possible release from Apple. Whether or not the iPhone Mini will debut this year is a good question, one that can only be answer by Apple themselves or possible leaks in the future.

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