Cheaper iPhone Will Not Debut in 2013 According to Apple’s Phil Schiller


Cheaper iPhone in 2013 coming from Apple

In recent rumors that have sporadically popped up this week, Apple is set to release a cheaper / low-cost iPhone appealing to consumers in emerging markets (here, here, and here). Majors news sources have reported on the matter, but today a publication coming from the Shanghai Evening News, with an interview with Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller state otherwise.

Schiller spoke with the Chinese news source on why Apple would not be bringing a low-cost iPhone with less features to the market. He mentions “We are not like other companies, launching multiple products in one breath then pinning hopes on a product to get the favor of consumers. Competitors launch many dimensional new products, but after purchase will find no suitable software products or user experience.” This is definitely true according to the amount of Android phones and tablets out there, which never receive updates and lack supporting applications.

The Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing said that Apple is focused on user experience, hence the iPhone not having 4G LTE until last year while Android devices have had it since 2011. Apple likes when things work and work well with no problems, the amount of beta testing and analysis that goes into Apple products makes them what they are today. Schiller states that the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone and that Apple is not concerned with market share in emerging markets, or anywhere for that matter.

While speaking about a low-cost iPhone coming from Apple in late 2013, Schiller responded, ”a lot of people in the Chinese market are using a functional machine, some manufacturers use cheap smartphones to replace feature phones, but this is not Apple’s product development direction”.

According to this report, straight from the horses mouth, even though there is no official press release coming from Apple (nor should there be), the company will not be making a low-end, low-cost iPhone anytime soon. This of course does not mean that Apple isn’t testing a device like this and that we won’t be seeing something something like this in the future.

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • ‘’Stefan’’ ‘~’

    Hmm, it’s true what he said. And thought already the mini would not come because apple doesn’t do what others do.
    But I would like to see that there will be a low budget iPhone, not especially smaller but not that they use a previous iPhone as “low-budget”