Developer Predicts And Backs Up Larger iPhone Theory



This past month, rumors of an iPhone with a larger-screen have run amuck, and it seems that “iPhone Math” is an idea that’s popular amongst developers, well at least by Marco Arment of Instapaper. The “iPhone Math”, or now “iPhone Plus”, has been a crazy idea, one that would make actually no sense without actually hearing the logistics. For us fans, it wouldn’t sound normal if Apple released a device with such a big improvement in the matter of less than a year from its predecessor’s launch.

However, due to some recent thinking, Arment took to his blog to express his crazy theory of a larger-sized iPhone, and it actually makes sense:

The recently rumored, larger-screened “iPhone Math”, or more likely “iPhone Plus”, is plausible as an additional model (not a replacement) alongside the 4” iPhone. And there’s a good chance that it would have a 4.94”, 16:9 screen.

The theory is easy to understand: perform John Gruber’s Mini-predicting mathbackwards. The iPad Mini uses iPhone 3GS-density screens at iPad resolution. What if an iPhone Plus used Retina iPad screens with iPhone 5 resolution, keeping the rest of the design sized like an iPhone 5?

Its 640 × 1136, 264 DPI screen would measure 4.94” diagonally,

Arment’s ideology also proves that the iPhone Plus could have a bigger screen, yet developers wouldn’t even have to resize their applications to be compatible with the device. It’s pretty crazy hearing all of this, and you can read the entirety of his ideas here. What are your thoughts? If Apple ever released a bigger iPhone, I would definitely get one, considering I’m a fan of the Samsung Galaxy S/Note formfactor.

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  • roberthenderson

    I’ll just laugh at all of the follow the leader fanboys who will camp out to buy it after saying the galaxy s3 is just too huge. They’re pathetic