Quickly Call or Text a Number in Spotlight with ‘Dial’ Cydia Tweak [VIDEO]


Dial is a Jailbreak Cydia Tweak that allows users to quickly dial or text message a number via Spotlight and / or other places on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The developer wanted to create a Tweak that will keep the main purpose of owning a mobile phone alive, which is using phone features.

After installing the Tweak, going into the Settings will give you a few options of where and how to activate the Dial prompt. When the Dial prompt pops up, users have the ability to dial a number, then gives you shortcuts to call or text that number. The prompt can show up in 3 places, Siri, Switcher, or Spotlight, each with its own setting to replace that action. You can also choose to have Dial pop up simultaneously with any of those actions as well.

We’re not going to lie, Dial isn’t everyone’s Cydia Tweak, but it has the potential to help those who do not use Spotlight. Replacing Siri or the App Switcher will just not play to kindly with the majority of iOS Jailbreak users. Dial can be found under the Big Boss Repo in the Cydia Store for a whopping $.99.

Deal or no deal?

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