iPad Mini Does Have Siri Assistant on iOS 6


Since the iPad Mini has the almost equivalent hardware specs to the iPad 2, many people are asking if the iPad Mini has Siri.

Yes, in fact the iPad Mini does have the Siri assistant on iOS 6 with all of the new features including Siri Dictation.

Apple’s website lists Siri as a feature under the iPad Mini Built-In-Apps, it looks like the iPad 2 is getting left behind on this one. Since Apple tends to drop iOS products after 2 years, using the previous year’s device as a lower end model, the iPad 2 will be left behind soon enough.

Siri on the iPad Mini will work that same as it usually does with other iOS 6 devices, giving users the latest movie times, sports scores, directions, and much more. The iPad Mini will be a great device to sport Siri on, since mobility is one of the devices main features, a real personal assistant.

We’ll be sure to do a video on Siri for the iPad Mini when we pick one up November 2nd.

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  • Starman_Andromeda

    If you’re on an older i-device, use the Google Search app! It even works well on the original iPad.

    Then, for dictation, there’s Dragon’s Dictation app!

  • awesome_is_me

    the i pad mini is awesome!!!!! i got one for my b day!! so worth the price