EXCLUSIVE: Photos of ‘Will i am’ Wearing $315 iAm+ iPhone Case at Macworld 2013


will i am iPhone case macworld 2013

Yesterday we attended Macworld 2013 in San Francisco, with a chance to see some cool new iOS accessories. In the midst of our attendance, we saw Black Eyed Peas rapper Will.i.am strolling around to expo floor. While he was surrounded by a crowd of people at many booths, along with his security guard, we happened to snap some photos of him rocking his $315 iAm+ case.

Photos of Will.i.am with the iAm+ case after the Jump!

The iAm+ case was released in December, design by Mr. Will.i.am, equipped with an iPhone camera lens attachment, slide-out keyboard, and some ugly gold trim. Will.i.am was wearing the case around his neck, tied to a leather strap. The iAm+ case retails at $315 as a premium iPhone case, and is only supported on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It seems like William was unable to go through Apple’s MFi program to have it be available for the iPhone 5, even if we never wish to own one.

As we tried to get closer, to snap another photo or two, we were told by his security guard to step back, no worries though, we just thought you guys would enjoy the photos.

will i am iPhone case macworld 2013 exclusive

will i am with iam+ iphone case macworld 2013 iworld

We snapped this one on our iPhone 5, for you Instagram followers =]

We snapped this one on our iPhone 5, for you Instagram followers =]

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