Facebook Testing SnapChat Clone App for iOS and Android


facebook snapchat clone coming soon

AllThingsD reports that Facebook is doing in-house testing on a SnapChat clone app for iOS and Android. SnapChat is currently an application that allows users to send perishable photos and video amongst each other on a set timer. Users can choose a photo or video, set the amont of time they wish for it to be viewed, and send it to a chosen contact where the file will be deleted after the time has expired.

As mentioned before, the Facebook clone is currently undergoing testing at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. Facebook is working on similar tactics and features within it’s app due to that fact that SnapChat has become very popular.

Creating a SnapChat clone would bring Facebook’s standalone app number to four, or five if you include Instagram, which Facebook purchased for $1 billon this year. The SnapChat clone will join apps Facebook, Camera, Pages, and Messenger, which would be a good idea on the company’s part since SnapChat is estimated to be valued at $50 million.

We’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds and whether or not we’ll be seeing a new app in the Facebook family of applications in the near future.

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