Fix iPhone 5 Scratches and Add a Unique Look by Polishing


An iPhone 5 owner has figured out a DIY fix for iPhone 5 scratches around the bezel.

Apple’s iPhone 5 has been known to ship with scratches and dents, right out of the box ever since launch day. “The iPhone 5 is the most difficult device that Foxconn has ever assembled,” said a Foxconn official at Hon Hai a few weeks after launch.

Scratches on the iPhone 5 are nothing new to customers who have purchased the new device, especially in the Black / Slate color. The Black iPhone 5 has been known to be getting scratched up in just a matter of days around the rim of the antenna, as well as the aluminum part on the back of the device. It seems there is just simply no getting around it without the use of a case or possibly laser engraving the iPhone 5.

One forum user over at MacRumors, under the username travis.hansen, figured out a way to fix up his scuffed up iPhone 5 and give it a unique look at the same time. The iPhone 5-owner decided enough was enough and polished the bezel of the iPhone 5 antenna, after Apple said the device had “normal wear and tear”. The end result actually looks pretty sweet from the pictures and instructional video the user posted.

As cool as it looks, I’m not sure if I want to fugly up my iPhone 5 just yet, maybe in a few months after it collects more scratches. What do you guys think?

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  • Jonas Mueller

    Sort of reminds me of an iPhone 3G bezel…

  • adnanala

    its will not be iphone 5 if i will be remove the side color