Foxconn Testing Apple HDTV Sets



According to a new rumor, it seems that Foxconn, the manufacturer of Apple products, is now internal testing the new, mythical Apple iTV, however, we may not see them until 2014.

This rumor would match up with the one that the Wall Street Journal reported last week, as Apple is contacting several different display panels for different design iterations for the iTV. The panels that were being tested were of a 46-55 inch range, which means this iTV could be very big, and also very expensive. Numerous reports are pointing back to Sharp, who has been supplying Apple displays for a little while now.

A source for WSJ said that “We have not yet confirmed the LCD panel supply source with our client”, which would indicate that Apple is still keeping their options open, to get the highest quality possible. (Ironically enough, Foxconn’s CEO has an ownership stake in Sharp’s display manufacturing plant).

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