Hacker Discovers Snapchat Trick To Take Undetected Screenshots



Snapchat has been very controversial, especially when it comes to the topic of teens and sexting, or malicious acts like the latter. Snapchat has sorta placed initiatives to alert you when creeps attempt to screenshot, however, a hacker discovered a little trick within the app, and yes, it DOES work!

Raj Vir, hacker and student at University of Michigan, discovered this Snapchat glitch, which allows someone to take screenshots, without having Snapchat alert the person that you’ve taken a screenshot. During an interview with TechCrunch, Vir notes that many users automatically assume that their photos are safe, or they’ll be notified, and that simply isn’t the case.

The glitch itself is a bit tidious, but, it does work, and it’s pretty sly. After taking a photo, a user will actually need to bring up the multitasking bar as soon as possible,

“While taking a screen shot by holding the home and power button at the same time, keep a finger on the screen to hold the picture. When you let go and see the snaps section again, tap the home button twice before the picture disappears,” Vir said. “This cancels SnapChat’s detection and you can view the picture on your phone as many times as you want.”

Vir also claims there are several other glitches in which tricks Snapchat. He says a similar hack is also achievable with Facebook’s Poke application. Does this make you a little more eery of what you send via these applications? Let us know! source

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