Daily Tip: Change “Sent from my iPhone” iOS Email Signature


As many of you know, the default signature setting for any iPhone in iOS is “Sent from my iPhone”. In iOS the default signature for the iPad is much the same at “Sent from my iPad”. Since most people don’t know how (or realize they can) change the default, it remains unchanged. If you are looking to customize your signature, it is pretty simple:

Go to Settings App
Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
Select Signature and adjust as necessary

If you have the iPhone 5 and want everyone to know that you do, you can simply change the signature to include the number 5 for “Sent From My iPhone 5″. Some also do this if they don’t have the iPhone 5, but want people to think you do. I know when I get a “Sent From My iPhone” signature from someone in an email, it is a more succinct response since they are typing on their smartphone.

I have decided to go vintage and change mine to “Sent from my Motorola Startac”

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