iOS 7 Concept Design for Game Center and Notes App


iOS 7 Concept Design

Ever since the firing of Scott Forstall, Apple has but Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Jony Ive, in charge of overlooking the iOS user interface. One of the reasons for Forstall’s firing, was because Jony Ive disagreed with the direction he was trying to lead iOS design. Ive is known for his hatred of skeuomorphism, which can be found in applications all over iOS such as Notes (leather), Calendar (leather), and more leather in Game Center. Ive believes skeuomorphism is not the way a professional Apple device should look for the user.

Now that Ive is in control of iOS 7 design, concept artist Maciburko has redesigned what Game Center and Notes should look like in his vision. Maciburko takes away the leather interface in these applications and give them a bit of a glass look for iOS 7. The new iOS 7 concept is a mix between Microsoft’s Windows 8 and iOS.

iOS 7 concept design photos after the jump!

iOS 7 game center app concept

Some time ago I started to explore a crystal interface concept for iOS 7. I initially looked at the iOS notes app. Another app that I explored and applied the crystal interface concept to recently is the game center app. I believe the game center app would benefit by changing to a slide out nav instead of the tab bar. The reason for this is that “Me tab” and “Friend requests tab” have a lower frequency of use, unlike in say the app store app where you move between featured, updates, top charts and search frequently when using the app, so in that case the tab bar makes sense.

I have also looked at placing more focus on achievements for different games. I am not sure that knowing that you are no. 11,740,241 of 11,988,582 is a necessary stat at this list view level and also creates extra noise.

We’ve always hated the look of the leather on iOS, and the Maciburko concept seems to get it right on the spot, with a few minor alterations. The font for both iOS 7 Game Center and Notes concept looks great, and takes away the annoying marker font used in notes. However, the tab at the top, which states the name of the app seems a bit bland in my eyes. The iOS 7 concept definitely gets rid of many annoying UI features within the apps and currently we can’t believe Apple would have okayed the previous design.

iOS 7 Notes App concept design

Hopefully under Ive’s rule, we’ll be seeing a redesign of many apps and UI in iOS 7, which is scheduled to be announced at WWDC 2013. What do you guys think?

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  • Sergey Karchmit

    What I was looking for. Apple Please!

  • Samuel Pantoja

    totally agree with those concepts they look is exactly what apple should do.