iOS 7 Lockscreen Concept Design Adds More Functionality


iOS 7 lockscreen concept top

It seems iOS concept designs are becoming very popular recently, with the rumored upcoming launch of the iPhone 5S and other devices. Earlier today we saw a new iPhone 5S concept design, yesterday’s larger iPhone concept, and last week a new iOS 7 Settings concept video.

Here we have a new concept for the upcoming iOS 7 Lockscreen. The iOS 7 concept was created for The Verge forum user white.noise, adding a ton of features to the Lockscreen.

The first thing you’ll notice is that about every inch of space on the lock screen is being used. First, let’s talk about how you unlock the device. You’ll notice in the center a circle with a lock in the center, just drag that around the circle until your device unlocks [...]

Next, lets talk notifications. Notifications are now displayed in the center of screen (inside the unlock circle) At the top of the circle is the icon of the present notification, and underneath is the context of the notification. [...]

Lastly, let’s talk about widgets. Widgets are displayed at the bottom of the screen, there are many type of widgets (I have made 3 concept ones which will be attached at the bottom). Widgets can be interactive, or static.

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Let’s debunk the damn thing.

iOS 7 lockscreen concept top


At the top of the iOS 7 Lockscreen, users will find the standard iOS clock, with added volume slider, AirPlay button, Camera button, and a button to enable Do Not Disturb mode.

iOS 7 lockscreen concept middle


The mid-section of the iOS 7 Lockscreen includes a new way to read push notifications and a different type of unlocking method. Push notifications will appear in the middle of the circle, allowing users to swipe between new and old notifications. Slide To Unlock has been changed, forcing users to draw a circle, instead of a straight line, to access their device.

iOS 7 Lockscreen Concept Design Bottom


Finally, the bottom of the design will allow users to add different app widgets, such as Spotify controls, iMessage, or Weather. Simply waking up your iOS 7 device will give you access and information from all of there apps.

While we like the idea of having widgets on our iOS 7 Lockscreen, this concept doesn’t give us much room to work with. Lockscreen wallpapers will pretty much be useless, due to the size of the “draw to unlock” method. Adding more functions to the clock area seems fine, since there is much room for extra buttons on the Lockscreen. iOS 7 should be hitting developers during WWDC 2013 in June, we’ll see what Jony Ive and Apple have in store for us this year. What do you guys think?

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    The circle to unlock is impractical. Period.