New Report Claims iPad 5 to Resemble iPad Mini and iPhone 5S to Have Larger LED Flash


iPad 5

A new publication from iLounge Jeremy Horwitz talks about future Apple devices such as the iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and the rumored cheaper iPhone we’ve all been hearing about.

Horowitz mentions that he’s seen mockups of the iPad 5 and that it’s a lot smaller than the current generation iPad 4. While most of the report is speculation, based on recent rumors, Horowitz mentions that the iPad 5 will still sport the 9.7-inch screen with side to side bezel, like the iPad Mini. He assumes the iPad 5 will also accommodate a “less power hungry” sequel to the A6X process, currently found in the iPad 4.

With the iPad 3 and the iPad 4, Apple needed to bulk up the device to add a larger battery to support the Retina display. Horowitz believes the low-powered processor in the iPad 5 will allow Apple to make a slimmer iPad 5 to resemble the iPad Mini, he calls it a “stretched iPad Mini”.

Horowitz goes on to talk about the iPhone 5S and how it will look similar to the iPhone 5, big surprise there. The only change he mentions to the iPhone 5S exterior is a larger LED flash on the back, which is something we haven’t heard before.

Speaking on the cheaper iPhone / plastic iPhone we’ve all been hearing about, the iLounge writer says the device will be released in 2013 and focus on supporting networks in low-budget areas, such as China Mobile. The current iPhone 5 in China’s market currently costs $849 with the iPhone 4 costing $500. These devices would be difficult to buy on the average annual salary of $3,000 per capita. The cheaper iPhone will aim at gaining some customers from China Mobile’s 700 million subscribers.

Finally, the iPhone Math, which was previously mistranslated, and actually called the “iPhone+”. iLounge was supposedly told by its sources that the iPhone+ would sport a 4.7-inch display, we heard 4.8-inch before, but would not be released in 2013. The blog doesn’t have a clue when such a device could be released, but that it is definitely in the prototyping stages over at Apple. He mentioned that the iPhone+ is Apple’s “Plan B”, just incase the larger-screen Android devices start taking over the market.

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