iPad, iPhone, iPod Sales Comparison [Chart]


Comparing the iPad rate of adoption to the iPhone or iPod may not be fair… Since the popularity of the iPod helped initial iPhone sales, and similarily the iPhone success provided a launch pad for the success of the iPad. But here is the comparison, the iPad has been crushing the competition…

The iPod sales started off pretty weak with 376,000 in 2002 and just under 1 million in 2003. It was the following 10 quarters where the iPod saw the most success, with 4 million in sales in 2004 and 22 million in 2005. The iPhone started off with moderate success, but took a couple years an redesigns to get a product that flew off the shelves.

My iPad and iPad Mini are my most used devices at home, but while at work it is much easier to pick up my iPhone. Business use is one of the biggest reasons the iPad has started off so hot these first couple years.

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