iPad Mini and iPad 4th Generation: Is It A Good Time To Upgrade?


With the newly released iPad mini and iPad 4th generation, or iPad with Retina Display, I’m sure that many of you guys are wondering if it is a good time to upgrade. I’m going to break it down, and depending on what device you have, there will be a different opinion on whether or not you should pick up a new device.

Let’s get started (DISCLAIMER: This post reflects the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of iOSVlog.com as a whole):

If you have an iPod touch:

If you’re one of those that has the small iPod touch, and LOVES to use it, the iPad mini would be a great time to test out your favorite apps on a larger display as it is made for “one hand usage” and is good for those who would like to try tablets, but aren’t ready to tackle a full sized 9.7″ tablet such as the iPad.

If you have an original iPad or an iPad 2:

If you have the original iPad, you’ll definitely want to upgrade. The iPad with the Retina Display would be great for you, and you’d definitely notice the difference in the display quality. If you’re someone who doesn’t really want to shell out, you can pick up the iPad 2 for a mere $399 from Apple, which has all of the features as the latest model minus the Retina goodness.

If you have the iPad 2, you’ll want to upgrade. Maybe. Personally, the display on the iPad 2 is good enough for me. But, it isn’t a bad time to upgrade whatsoever. If you just got the iPhone 5 and you might need a new tablet, hey, the iPad 4th generation with Retina Display would be nice, as it is now hooked up with Lightning support.

If you have The new iPad (3rd generation):

If you have The new iPad, there is absolutely no reason to upgrade to the iPad 4th generation if need be. The iPad 4th generation is an all-internal upgrade meaning no physical changes are made. The two together would look 100% identical, minus the Lightning connector on the iPad 4th gen. However, if you’d want to pick up an iPad mini, that wouldn’t be a bad idea to test out the new products.

If you have an iPad in general / If you do NOT have a tablet:

If you have an iPad in general, I would not recommend switching from the main sized iPad to the iPad mini. You’re good where you are, there is no REAL point in switching unless you really want a smaller device.

If you do NOT have a tablet, I’d say start off with the iPad mini. It’s priced just right, and would be a nice starting point beginning with iOS, and learning tablets. If you looking for your first Apple device, this also would be a good iDevice to start off with. This is like getting an iPod touch and an iPad all in one.

Hopefully this helped some of you guys that are thinking about upgrading your iPad. If so, let me know in the comments below!

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