iPad Mini With Retina Display Slated For Production In Summer


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According to a research note from NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim, it seems that Apple is ramping up production and is working on the second-generation iPad mini with a Retina display that is slated for mass production in summer:

We should see the start of mass production of the panels in June or July.

However, don’t fret. Yesterday, Shim predicted that Apple would be beginning preparations to release an iPad mini during the second half of 2013, with another iPad mini during the Q1 of 2014, which is kind of what they did with the iPad 3-to-4th generation last year.

LG Display is said to be the main manufacturer of the displays for the iPad mini, as per usual. It’s also said that any type of Samsung manufacturing has been ceased altogether, stating Samsung is no longer a supplier:

Samsung is currently not in the iPad mini and they won’t be in the next generation. LGD is becoming a much bigger supplier than before.

As we all know, Apple and Samsung have not been pals lately, as Apple will hope to end all current manufacturing with relations with Samsung by the end of this year. Chinese-based TSMC will play the role to produce Apple’s processors.

However, the iPad mini with the retina display will be here soon, and will contain a resolution of 2048 x 1536-pixels. source

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