iPad Thickness Error From Apple


Many people make mistakes, but large corporations need to be held accountable for incorrectly listing device specifications on their website. Apple lists the new retina iPad with 3 million pixels as 0.37 millimeters thin. For reference, a penny is 1.55 mm or 4 times the thickness of the new iPad according to their website.

The text on the Apple’s website is correct though:

Even with so much power built into iPad, it’s incredibly thin and light. From the A6X chip to the Retina display, we had to engineer each component to maximize performance while minimizing size and weight. So at just 0.37 inch thin and less than 1.5 pounds, iPad isn’t just capable, it’s portable, too.

It really would be nice if the iPad was only as thick as a couple pieces of paper, surely Apple will correct the thickness error on the website very soon..right.

UPDATE: One of our readers has informed us that Apple has since fixed this on the Apple Website



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    Ha ha! Now they have changed it to 9.4mm !!!

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