iPhone 5S Release Date in August, iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 to Release in April


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In a new report from iMore, the blog claims that reliable sources have told them the iPhone 5S will likely be getting an August release date. iMore’s sources have told the blog that the iPhone 5S will have the same design as that iPhone 5, no surprise there. Moving on the sources have said that the iPhone 5S will “raise the bar in terms of iPhone optics”, as well as the processor, just like Apple did will all of the previous iPhone S lines.

As for the iPad Mini second-generation and the iPad fifth-generation, these two devices could be heading for an April release date, that’s next month! Although the blog claims that the iPad Mini second-generation will not be receiving a Retina display with this update. The reason for the lack of a Retina display in the iPad Mini is simply battery life. Ritchie believes that Apple would not put out a more expensive iPad than the last, nor would the company put out an iPad with lesser battery life, and that the iPad Mini second-generation would simply be a spec upgrade.

We’ve also been told an April-ish launch is getting serious consideration for the next-generation iPads, but we’re really not sure what to make of that yet. iPad 5 casings have already begun to leak — the only big redesign in the line — so that could make sense. Retina for the iPad mini, however, still doesn’t sound imminent.

However, the iPad fifth-generation is still rumored to take on the iPad Mini design, making it a stretched iPad Mini, with Retina display of course. We’ve previously seen leaks of an alleged iPad fifth-generation rear shell, which holds the same design of the iPad Mini. Recently, there have also been many iPad fifth-generation cases showing up on the market based on rumored specs.

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    So the price of the new iPad mini should be the same? I bought my iPad mini 2 weeks ago and i would sell it next month if the price gonna be the same