Jailbreak Tweak Saves Stolen iPhone By Snapping a Picture of the Thief


It’s always nice to see large news blogs report on Jailbreak Tweaks that could one day save your iPhone, or in this case, return it to you if it were to be stolen. BBC reports that an iPhone owner was lucky enough to have installed the iGotYa Cydia Tweak on the Jailbroken device, which remotely snaps a photo when the device’s passcode is entered incorrectly.

After snapping a photo, depending on settings, iGotYa will then send the picture via email along with the location of where the picture was taken. A woman in Sussex will soon be receiving an unexpected knock on the door from police due to the fact that a picture was taken of her face in what is described as a “car with a large sunroof”.

The iPhone was stolen from the Coalition nightclub in Brighton, but the woman might not be the thief, and simply somebody who either found an iPhone, or bought a stolen device from the original thief. Either way, we hope that the original iPhone owner will be rewarded for being safe, using iGotYa Cydia Tweak, and have his iPhone returned.

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