LEGO iPhone 5 Dock With Lightning Dock Connector Review


This dock is complete made out of LEGO! If you were an aficionado of LEGO bricks in the past or present, you may even have the pieces to build one today! The LEGO iPhone 5 dock allows you to stand the iPhone 5 on your desk safely as well as charge and sync with your Lightning cable. LEGO grill pieces are placed under the iPhone 5 speakers so that they are still usable for speaker calls and such.

Compared to other iPhone 5 Docks out there, the LEGO iPhone 5 dock seems a bit tall. The LEGO dock is fairly cheap, shipping from the UK, at around $22-24 (shipping included) to the US, in black or white color, with a 10 day backorder.

Check out our full VIDEO review after the jump!

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  • Daniel John Baker

    i have this dock its amazing! and i really like the fact that i have made it myself. only problems i have, as it mentions in the video, is that you do really need some rubber on the bottom to stop it sliding, and when putting the iphone 5 in the dock if you push back enough the bricks can come away so you may want to glue the bricks together but a really great iphone dock!