MessageBox: Chat Heads on iOS


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Remember that cool tweak that we reported on a while ago? The concept behind the tweak was to enable Chat Heads on iOS system-wide, therefore “de-sandbox”ing it. It was whipped up in 24 hours by developer Adam Bell, and today it’s been released. The new tweak, dubbed “MessageBox”, allows you to view, send and read Facebook messages via Chat Heads throughout your entire iOS device (besides the lockscreen), just as it would be on Android, or a Facebook Home-compatible device.

Adam has been prominent in the jailbreak scene, developing useful tweaks such as Stride, and many others. However, this is a tweak that many have been looking forward to, and it seems to be the best, and only, rendition of Chat Heads on a device that’s not Facebook Home-friendly. I’ve been using the beta for a little while now since I got in contact with Adam, and today, he’s released the beta build to everyone, with hopes that an official release will soon follow.

Here’s how to get it:

*You must be jailbroken, and have some type of SSH client, or iFile installed. You will also need the Facebook app (obviously).

1) Download the MessageBox .deb file from GitHub here.

2) Place the file in iFile, and install it with “Installer”.

3) After the tweak is installed, you’ll need to respring, or reboot your device.

Once you’ve done the aforementioned steps, open up a conversation in Facebook, tap the Home button, and voilá! The Chat Head should appear, and will then be able to be used throughout any application. Then, should you choose to remove the Chat Head, either force quit the Facebook application, or you can drag the Chat Head down to close it.

Remember- this tweak is still in beta, and there are many kinks that will need to be worked out to make this thing flawless, however, it’s still near perfect as it is now, and if you’re a heavy FB user, this will work just fine for you.

As of now, the only way to download the tweak is via GitHub, the tweak should be hitting Cydia very soon.

(Again, thanks to Adam Bell for sending us a pre-release copy. It was much appreciated!)

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