Must-Have Applications For Staying In The Super Bowl XLVII Loop



Tomorrow, folks all around the US and even some around the globe will be tuning in to the 47th Super Bowl. For those of you that don’t know, the Super Bowl is the game which determines the top team in the NFL, and also concludes the NFL’s commercial season. However, the Super Bowl is necessarily about the football, many people throw parties, and even love watching just for the hilarious commercials. BUT, if you happen to be busy, or can’t necessarily be by a TV, we’ll show you some awesome apps which will allow you to watch, and stay in the loop of the Super Bowl.

(note – click on the photos to download the applications)

1) ESPN ScoreCenter – Freemzl.lxxdcrmu.175x175-75

This is a great app, for anyone who just chooses to be in the loop, and check the score every-so-often, and to see if you won the office bets. Also, ScoreCenter is a very aesthetically pleasing application, and has a very friendly user interface, which makes it even more intuitive. Unfortunately, you cannot watch the game via this application.

2) – Free


CBS Sports will be your go-to application, should you feel the need to stream the game via your iPhone, or iOS device. CBS will be livestreaming the entire event, and will be broadcasted via the application. The application will also feature highlights, scores, and the latter. Unfortunately, streaming may be buggy, and could even possibly not hold up with the amount of folks wanting to watch the game using this method.

3) A+ Superbowl Commercials – Free

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 10.16.17 AM

Remember how I told you people don’t always watch just for the football? Well, this application will be updated with the latest commercials after they are broadcasted during the game. That’s pretty much all to it. It’s pretty much a web-wrapped application, which links to YouTube videos of the commercial you want to watch.

4) Football Party Game – $4.99

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 10.20.58 AM

This application is actually pretty cool, and allows you to interact with everyone at your Super Bowl party. The application itself will allow you, and x number amount of friends to join via email, and before the game will allow you and your party to answer various questions, and predict what happens during the game. Once these events happen during the Super Bowl, points will be awarded to those who selected the right answer. So, it’s definitely pretty neat. The only downside to this application is it’s price, but will add tons of fun and interactiveness with the crowd.

All I want to do is watch the game! How can I do so on my iOS device?!

We’re with you. Unfortunately, there’s no legitimate and/or stable way to do so. However, ($4.99) and Ustream (Free) are homes to DOZENS of livestreams of the Super Bowl. There are some downsides, and due to the amount of traffic both of those sites have, it’s tricky to say how the streams will play out. But it’s your best bet, should you not be near a computer or TV. If you happen to be by a computer, you can view the entire Super Bowl via this site.

Hopefully, this post helped you and your iOS Super Bowl fix. Also, if you are looking for other Super Bowl applications, feel free to tweet us @iOSVlog, and we’ll be sure to try our best to help you out! Be sure to stay tuned to, because there’s also a chance that the untethered iOS 6.x jailbreak could be released as well, with some speculating during half-time.

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