New iPad 5 Mockups Show a Thinner Side Bezel


ipad 5 mockup concept 2013

Earlier today, we reported that the iPad 5 is rumored to be released with a thinner side bezel, mimicking the iPad Mini. This rumored new generation iPad 5 will have iOS touch recognition software, just like the iPad Mini, allowing users to place their thumbs on the screen, without any accidental touches. This thinner and lighter iPad 5 currently has two rumored dates, either March or not until late in Fall.

Designer Martin uit Utrecht decided to create a mockup of the rumored iPad 5, making it look pretty accurate. You might recognize Martin’s name from previous mockups done for the iPhone 5 before its release, and due to leaked part, it was pretty much spot on.

Martin’s iPad 5 mockup has a thinner side bezel, which makes the new generation iPad 5 look like an enlarged iPad Mini. He also adds that the height of the iPad 5 is 4mm less, 17mm less in width, and 2mm less in thickness.

Enjoy the iPad 5 mockup gallery after the jump!

ipad 5 concept 2013ipad 5 concept comparision

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