Official Pokémon Pokédex iOS App from The Pokemon Company Released in Japan


The Pokemon Company has just released a brand new application on the App Store called Pokédex. If you are familiar with the franchise, then you should already know that a Pokédex is basically an encyclopedia of every single Pokémon in the shows and games.

The Pokédex will show you detailed stats and information for every Pokémon, along with a 3D animation of the monster. You can check out how much HP, STR, ATK, DEF, etc. the specific Pokémon has on it’s profile page in the Pokédex.

Pokédex for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad is currently only available in Japan. The app is a port of the Nintendo 3DS app Pokedex 3D Pro, with the 3DS version being available in the the US. Kotaku Austrailia has mentioned that the complete set of Pokémon will cost you around $20, with sets of different Pokemon groups available for in-app purchase.

No word on US release for the Pokédex on iOS, but we can keep on wishing.



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