Have $155k? That’ll Buy You A Cup of Coffee… With Tim Cook

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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook seems to be a nice man, and will take you out for coffee at Apple HQ… but you have to cough up some SERIOUS dough in order to do so. However, it seems that Cook is working in conjunction with Charitybuzz who will then be donating to The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights organization.

The price to have coffee with Tim Cook has an estimated value of $50,000, but that hasn’t stopped one bidder from dropping a cool $155,000 for the “chance of a lifetime”. It’s worth noting that earlier this morning, Wednesday, April 24, the bid started off at $5,000. Uhm, wow.

Ultimately, the winner and another acquaintance will be able to have a 1/2 to full hour with the Apple CEO at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, CA, yet travel, accommodations  etc. will not be included in the total, and the guests of Tim Cook will have to undergo some type of “security screening”.

If you want to bid, but it’s likely you won’t, the bid ends in 20 days and only time will tell how much money that auction could possibly rake up. Remember, it’s going to charity so the more the better. source

WWDC 2013 Slated For June 10-14, Confirms Future iOS and OS X Previews, Tickets On Sale Tomorrow 1PM EST


Apple has just officially announced that their 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference will be held at the normal Moscone West in San Francisco from Monday, June 10 to Friday, June 14th. Tickets for WWDC will be going on sale tomorrow, April 25th at 10am PST / 1PM EST.

Apple holds WWDC as a way to showcase their newest software, and holds many sessions for developers to work on new projects, and to better improve their applications. Apple confirms that the future of iOS and OS X will definitely be discussed, and possibly previewed(?) at WWDC:

We look forward to gathering at WWDC 2013 with the incredible community of iOS and OS X developers,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “Our developers have had the most prolific and profitable year ever, and we’re excited to show them the latest advances in software technologies and developer tools to help them create innovative new apps. We can’t wait to get new versions of iOS and OS X into their hands at WWDC.

As many of you know, in late 2012 Apple’s previous iOS designer Scott Forstall left the company abruptly, leaving the future of iOS in Apple’s SVP of Industrial Design, Jony Ive. Many have said that Ive will work wonders, and is going to be reworking the software from the ground-up, and will be unveiling a totally brand new interface at WWDC.

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Photos of Alleged iPad 5 Rear Casing Shows Off iPad Mini-Like Design


It seems like our new best friends will be the folks at Tactus, because this week they’re bringing us photos of the alleged rear casing of the upcoming 5th-generation iPad. We’ve previously heard that the iPad 5 would take design elements from the current iPad mini, which consumers have been taking a liking to its aluminum casing.

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Photos of Alleged Gold and Gray iPhone 5S Nano SIM Trays Surface


According to a new photos from Moumantai, it seems that the iPhone 5S may be released in a myriad of different colors, with gold and gray being possible options (above, below). Now despite being rumored as being iPhone 5S parts, this of course cannot be confirmed, as these could easily be colored iPhone 5 parts.


However, should these pieces be deemed legitimate, it would align with previous reports stating that the iPhone 5S would be releasing in a slew of different colors, as stated above. Currently, it seems that the iPhone 5S will be slightly delayed due to manufacturing issues, but it seems that we will still likely see different color iPhones.

Would you be interested in different colored iPhones? Should these parts be real, it’d actually be a pretty interesting development and some of the first colored pieces we’ve seen from the iPhone 5′s successor. source

Now Playing: Twitter #music iOS Application Released

photo 2

After a while of rumors and speculation, Twitter has finally released their “Twitter #Music” application via the iTunes App Store. This application is essentially a new way for users to discover popular, as well as, emerging music and will “change the way people find music, based on Twitter“.

Upon launching the application, you’ll be greeted with a grid of album covers displaying popular music. It’s also pretty neat that you don’t need an account to use some of the features, but you will want to log in to access “Suggested” and others. Swiping to the right will bring you to “Emerging”, which is where you can find “hidden talent found in the tweets”.

Swiping to Suggested, #NowPlaying, or Me will prompt a log-in which can utilize the accounts that are connected via iOS’s Twitter integration. It also will ask you if you have a Spotify or Rdio account so that you can listen to full tracks via the application.

At first glance, this application seems extremely user-friendly, and will hopefully “change the way” we find music. However, it’s too early to give a full analysis and/or review on the application, but subscribe to the iOSVlog YouTube channel where you can be sure to check out more media regarding the app.

Twitter #music is available for FREE in the iTunes App Store, and is accessible via music.twitter.com for a desktop experience.

Photo of Alleged Budget iPhone Plastic Shell Surfaces


According to numerous reports, it seems that Tactus has a very interesting photo that seems to be the rear polycarbonate shell of the rumored budget iPhone that is said to be released sometime this year.

Many sources have claimed that Tactus isn’t entirely reliable due to their prior track record, however, it seems that this case seems to be consistent with prior rumors and dimensions of the budget iPhone so far. It’s very reminiscent of the iPhone 3G and 3GS, however, it looks extremely modernized with squared-off edges and a much larger panel for the alleged 4-inch display.

Tactus also heard some information about upcoming Apple devices:

I’ve also heard on the grapevine that the alleged budget iPhone will have an A5 processor like the iPad Mini with a 32nm diecast. It’s also rumoured it will have a 3.5 inch retina screen, much like the 4S, but not as big as the iPhone 5 … I’ve also discovered the factory producing this secretive project have confirmed the device will be available in Black, White, Blue, Red and Yellow

Do you think the above photo is really the budget iPhone’s rear casing? Let us know in the comments below! source

iPod Touch 5G Giveaway


We’re back with ANOTHER 5th generation iPod touch giveaway! What are you waiting for? Check out how to win one!

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Chat Heads Headed To iOS Via Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 7.49.48 PM

According to an exclusive report from The Verge, developer Adam Bell has created an upcoming jailbreak tweak that will allow you to utilize Facebook’s new Chat Heads system-wide in iOS. This proposed tweak comes just a day after Facebook released their updated iOS application with the new feature, but Bell wanted an experience that wouldn’t be limited in an application, thus creation of the tweak begun. The Verge claims it only took Bell “mere hours” to create and finalize the tweak..

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Funny Or Die Biopic ‘iSteve’ Hits The Web

After being announced a month ago, the folks at Funny or Die have released their likely sarcastic-comedic biopic of Steve Jobs, dubbed ‘iSteve’. You’ll now be able to watch the film for free on the FoD website, which most notably stars Justin Long from the old Mac vs. PC Apple commercials.

The movie is a total of 78 minutes long, yet the audience seems to forget that it’s also a biopic, so it might not be entirely hilarious all the way through. Some love it, some hate it. What are your thoughts on this movie? Leave them in the comments below.

The trailer for iSteve is above, and you can view the entire movie here.

iPhone 5S Rumored To Be Equipped With 12-Megapixel Camera


According to a new report from Tinhte.vn, it seems that the next-generation iPhone will be equipped with an all-new 12-megapixel camera, as well as much improved shooting at night.  MacRumors is also claiming that the report comes from “Wonderful Saigon Electrics in Binh Duong, which specializes in providing camera modules for the iPhone.

However, this seems to be a very incremental update as would be expected with “S” upgrades. For those of you that don’t know, the iPhone 3G”S” was for speed, and the iPhone 4″S” was for Siri. Clearly, the iPhone 5S will receive some type of upgrade with some claiming it will have a killer feature, with a “fingerprint scanner” in the talks.

9to5mac’s Michael Steeber notes the following: “While Tinhte has show to be accurate in the past in regards to prototypes and leaked images, their newest piece is much more speculative, and should be taken with a relative amount of caution“. source