Planetbeing Participating In Reddit AMA, Centric Of iOS 6 Jailbreak



Today, planetbeing took to Reddit to answer a few questions after many created a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” request for the Evad3rs dev-team. As of right now, he’s answering questions spottily, but you can check out the entire Reddit AMA here.

Highlights of the Ask Me Anything include:

Q:  Has Apple ever contacted you, or the evad3rs, for any reason (outside of regular business that Apple conducts with its customers/developers)

A: Yes. I got a job offer once. As far as I know, all jailbreaker interactions with Apple have been pretty positive, especially in contrast with what companies like Sony apparently do.

Q: How do you feel the future of jailbreaking looks based on how long this release took? Do you think Apple will ever just release an open iOS?

A:  It’s hard to say. Apple has successfully mitigated many vectors of attack in iOS 6. In this current jailbreak, we “evaded” Apple’s mitigations in the userland with several vulnerabilities I would perhaps characterize as “lame”, since these mistakes are a throwback to earlier days of iOS jailbreaking where we primarily used filesystem tricks. We only attacked Apple’s hardened security head-on in the kernel. “Lame” vulnerabilities tend to be hard to find, however, so it’s likely the next jailbreak will be tougher. That said, we also retain a few tricks that may or may not help in the future. Who knows what the weight of each factor should be when trying to determine how long the next jailbreak will take.

I think the ship has sailed for Apple to consider shipping an open iOS. The furthest they might have gone was perhaps allowing you to unlock the bootloader like the Google Nexus phones. However, I don’t think they currently have a compelling reason to.

There are also some other questions that the community has asked, so it’s worth reading what goes on in Planetbeing’s world.

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