Take Better Pictures With 3RDi for iPhone


3RDi is a new kickstarter project that turns your iPhone into a full fledge pro camera. 3RDi is a camera case for your iPhone that adds lenes, a camera grip and a hot shoe mount on your iPhone. You able to add different filters as well to get rid of unwanted glare or add some over exposure to certain parts of your shot. The hot shoe mount has endless possibilities. You can attach multiple camera/video accessories: microphones, flashes, even a second camera. The camera grip is also acts as a case. While the grip helps you hold your iPhone better while taking pictures, it also holds all of your provided lenses and filters. Currently your only way to get your hand s on the 3RDi is to back it up in Kickstarter with $135 or more.  In order for the camera kit to be made, the project has to reach $150,000. Currently it’s at about $3,000 at the time of writing this post. Do you think $135 is a fair price for this awesome set up?

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