Translucent Mod Kit for iPhone 5 Released by iPhone5Mod


We’ve reported many times on the unofficial Lightning accessories coming from iPhone5Mod in the past. The site sells anything like Lightning cables, iPhone 5 Lightning docks, and now, iPhone 5 Translucent Mod Kits. iPhone mod kits have been popular in the past, allowing users to change colors and styles of the device, if black or white is unwanted from the start.

This new Translucent Mod Kit for iPhone 5 will give geeks everywhere the tech style iPhone 5 they’ve always wanted. Not only will the kit allow you to see through your iPhone, making internal parts and battery visible, but also make the iPhone 5 a bit lighter than it was before. That’s not where the benefits end just yet, but the new Translucent iPhone 5 Mod Kit is scratch-proof and fingerprint-proof as well.

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iphone5mod translucent mod kit iphone 5

iPhone5Mod’s Translucent Mod Kit for iPhone 5 is said to be made of highly durable plastic parts that come in 7 colors. Customers will be able to mix and match these colors to their liking, so that their iPhone 5 will be one of the coolest out there.

The entire Translucent Mod Kit for iPhone 5 can be found at the iPhone5Mod website starting at $39.90 for a single kit, or you can spurge out and buy all 7 colors for $169. Remember that these kits do not include the front glass or display, but will cover everything else on your iPhone 5 and allow you to switch out the top and bottom plastic pieces on the back.

iphone5mod translucent mod kit iphone 5 buy

iPhone5Mod is currently having a deal that if you order just one color within the next 48 hours, they will send you all 7 colors of the detachable top and bottom pieces!

iphone5mod translucent mod kit iphone 5 purchase


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