Transparent iPad Concept Looks Incredibly Unique And Cool


I’ve seen a ton of concepts for iOS devices, and the one’s that are transparent, or translucent, always look the coolest. Technology is definitely going in the transparent and/or glass direction, especially with Google Glass being introduced a few months ago. Well, designer Ricardo Afonso took it upon himself to create a rendered concept (above), of an iPad made out of glass. The design itself is pretty neat, and is definitely something we could see Apple doing in the future, but until then Afonso’s creation is the closest thing to it. Afonso also had this to say via his Facebook page:

Sometimes, I like to envision how will the design of electronic devices of the future. In the specific case of tablets and smartphones, imagine them as just a rectangular piece of glass that wraps perfectly with the surrounding environment, without pieces of equipment they disconnect the user visually and content during their interaction, thus improving your level of immersion and the whole user experience.

However, as we are still a bit distant from owning a device so I started to think about how will the evolution of tablets in the near future, putting me at an intermediate point between the design of today and possibly design that will have such tablets fully transparent in the more distant future.

Afonso also made this 3D concept downloadable for the public, which you can grab here. This is definitely a very cool concept, and we’re interested to see what else he can design with his talent. What are your thoughts? Would you ever want to see an iPad made out of glass? source

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  • Jonas Mueller

    “and the one’s that are transparent” without apostrophe, please :)