Pod2G May Be Working on the Untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak [UPDATED]


untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak

While the Untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak has many people waiting, ever since the release of the iOS 6 firmware back in September, some possible good news has sparked up on Twitter today. iOS hacker Pod2g, known for his work on the Untethered iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak, may now be working on the Untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak.

This news comes in the form of a tweet from planetbeing, another iOS hacker working on the Untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak, saying that Pod2g and himself “Made some nice progress today”.

Here’s the exact tweet from planetbeing after the jump!


UPDATE: In response to planetbeing’s tweet, Pod2g posted the following, which is totally obvious of an iOS 6 jailbreak that the two must be working on. He notes that they have found 2 new vulnerabilities, but are lacking a piece of code that would make the public jailbreak possible:



Pod2g previously mentioned that he wasn’t focused on the Untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak because he was working on developing and releasing his new PodDJ app, now available in the App Store. Now that most of the hard work is done with PodDJ, Pod2g said that he will “focus on both subjects”.

The tweet published by planetbeing doesn’t exactly confirm that Pod2g is back with the Jailbreak team, but it does give us hope that he is adding his time and dedication to the project. Hopefully we’ll see an Untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak very soon, as planetbeing stated most of the work for the Untethered iOS 6.0.2 Jailbreak is done, and that he just needs one or two more exploits to release it to the public, so that future Jailbreaks are possible.


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